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Rocky Mountain Vintage
10532 Hidden Valley Dr, NW
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10532 Hidden Valley Dr NW
Calgary, AB, T3A 5V3


Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Vintage Blog.

Keep checking back for updates to our products and services. have a website?

Sam LeBlanc

After a few months of talking about it, we've finally sat down to start building our website.  It's always a challenge when in start-up mode;  do you create your website first or hone your product and service offerings?

Ideally these two things would happen at the same time because it's difficult to market your offerings without a website.  On the other hand, if you don't have any offerings and you have a fantastic website, what good is that?

In our case, our services came first as we set up all our equipment then immediately had to fulfill a couple custom T-shirt and toy orders.  No time for the website!

Please keep coming back and checking up on us as this site will grow and grow and we start promoting our own products and as our creative minds feverishly work on custom projects.

Be the original.  Rocky Mountain Vintage.